Guest House 1 Jamieson Suite (1) Guest House 2
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Bedrooms + Baths 3 + 3 1 + 1 3 + 2
Occupancy (2) 8 - 10 2 - 4 5 - 8
Cleaning Fee (6) $160 $65 $130
Pet Fee (3) $10 per night $10 per night $10 per night
Early arrival or late departure (7) $200 $75 $125
Nightly Rates $425 $200 $300
Weekly Rates $2300 $1200 $1650
High Season (2 night minimum, May 1 - Sep 30) (4)
Nightly Rates $500 not available $375
Weekly Rates $2750 not available $2050


Please note that our rates are subject to change and are not guaranteed until a reservation is confirmed with a non-refundable deposit. All rates and fees are subject to Washington State sales and lodging taxes, currently 11%.

1 The Jamieson Suite is part of Guest House 1. The max occupancy (8 - 10) of Guest House 1 includes the Jamieson Suite.

2 Occupancy range is listed as follows: first number represents the number of people sleeping in permanent beds. The second number represents the maximum occupancy of the unit using our convertible beds (sleeper sofa, cots, etc.). For example, in Guest House1, we can accommodate up to 8 people in permanent beds and an additional 2 in temporary beds (sleeper sofas and cots).  Please see the accommodation page for details on bed configuration.

3 Pet fees are for each dog with a maximum of two dogs. If you are planning to bring your dog, please review our pet and other policies.

4 High season dates are as follows: May 1 - Sep 30, Wednesday through Saturday of Thanksgiving week and December 23 - January 1. During these times, there is a 2-night minimum for all stays.

5 The Jamieson Suite is not available as a separate rental during high season (May 1 - Sep 30).

6 Cleaning fee is a one-time fee per reseravtion.

7 Subject to availability.  Early arrival is between 10 am and 3 pm.  Late departure is between 11 am and 5 pm.  This fee per occurence (e.g. early arrival OR late departure) and must be purcahsed in advance.  Guests departing after check-out time without purchasing this option will be charged a fee equivalent to a half-day rate of their accommodation.

Active service members are elgibile for a 5% discount on night/week rates.  The discount does not apply to fees such as cleaning and pet fees.